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Benefits of Composting

January 23, 2008

Making a Positive Impact with Composting

Composting offers several benefits, including making a positive impact in our community and environment.

Composting Enriches the Soil

Compost reinvigorates tired soil with needed natural nutrients. Since it increases soil moisture retention, compost decreases watering needs.

Composting Reduces Pollution

Often compost reduces the need for chemical fertilizers which are harmful to the environment when flushed away by rain water into our water reservoirs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), yard wastes generate methane gas and acidic leachate when they decompose in landfills.

Compositing Provides Good Recycling Stewardship

Instead of filling landfills with bags of grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen refuse, these natural elements combine to make a nutrient-rich compost.

Composting Saves Money

Since compost reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and watering, cost-savings are an added benefit! Composting is an easy project with many benefits and requires little time or effort.

Making a positive impact on our environment is easy with composting. Why not start today?