Your Distinctive Landscape Design Style

Exquisite Landscape Transitions

Your distinctive style made your house a home. Now that same exquisite touch can transform your backyard into a landscape of elegance. As the trend in outdoor living increases, so do the many wonderful options for landscape designs, furnishings, and accessories.


Photo provided courtesy Kichler Lighting

Fire pits, fountains, and outdoor kitchen grilling areas can be easily incorporated onto your deck or patio. Furnishings, lighting, and blooming plants in decorative containers complete your outdoor living area while adding personalized ambiance.

Natural stone offers a functional beauty that resonates with the soul. It’s strength is timeless and the variations in color a subtle elegance. Stone can be used for patios, walkways, retaining structures, and as accent pieces.

Wood structures connect in natural harmony with plant life. Decks, decorative fences, and trellis’ are just a few of the popular uses of wood in landscape design. A pergola creates a ceiling for your outdoor living room. Drift away from the stresses of the day in the private romance of an arbor.


Photo provided courtesy Cedarshed

Landscape lighting, available in low-wattage and solar, performs as both function and design. A safety feature providing navigation, lighting also delivers lightwash effects that add dramatic appeal.

The great thing about planning your lawn and garden is incorporating a little bit of ‘you’ in the design. Extend the beauty of your home’s interior into your landscape with your personal watermark.

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